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Member, Council of International Investigators

IPR Investigation

AUTHENTIC INVESTIGATION & DETECTIVE PRIVATE LIMITED has developed a unique expertise in the investigation and protection of Intellectual Property Rights, including the Grey Market, Counterfeiting, Parallel Trading and Trade Mark Infringements.

Our team of experienced consultants, with knowledge of IPR law is trained to examine our client's merchandise. We carry out proactive investigations identifying those selling, importing and manufacturing our client's goods; we are not just a reactive organisation.

We aim to work for a number of clients together and take actions against these offenders, by organising raids and thus putting them out of business by seizing all their stock.

We conduct covert investigations throughout India and provide the judicial authorities with our evidence thus making their task easier in taking legal action against these perpetrators. Our methods in evidence gathering have been highly professsional and we have excellent working relationship with all the law enforcement authorities .

We have develop network of intelligence, which is regularly updated from our many sources within the industry and provide our clients with up to date information.


►Member of World Association of    Professional Investigators.

►Member of British Agents. Member    of IWWA


Member of World Association of Professional Investigators.